I’m Done Searching My Mind and Am Ready To Share It With the World. So Now I Do a Podcast…

One of the reasons why we chose to start the Epoch podcast is because so many in our Epoch Collective have other projects. Austin has New Age Christianity (NAC), blending people in the same stage of life together, and Belief IQ, changing people’s lives one belief at a time. Christina and David have The Liberation Collective, a site focused on “less is more.”  Matt, my husband, has evolving parent, a resource for parents preparing their children for a digital age.

As we continue to develop our ideas, we thought starting a podcast would be a good way to “cross streams” and create a network to promote different projects and ideas.

This was great! Except that I didn’t have any other projects going on. {insert sad emoji face} But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a project brewing inside of me.

I have always been drawn to main characters that were aspiring authors in tv shows such as Carrie from Sex and the City, Jane from Jane the Virgin, and Ethan from College Friends. I’ll write a YA book one day.

Even though I have countless journal entries and poems to last a lifetime, there are few and far between who have actually read my writings.

Stemming from the embarrassment that my dyslexia might shine through, the reader will not understand my emotions behind the writing, or even worse, mock or judge me for bearing my raw emotion. The internet can be a troll-filled place, and because of these reasons, I have kept my writing to myself.

Over the years as I have matured and developed as a person, my writing has become more complex. Not by vocabulary, sentence structure, or content, but rather by the complexity from within my being.

You see, I have learned that I am not just me. But many beings times 3. I have thoughts, a heart, a soul, and a spirit. I have The Spirit, Jesus (Logic), and God. All chiming in. I write prophecies. I write things, that while I am writing, I cognitively ask myself, how I am I writing this? Those are my favorite, because I know they come from Him – the words, the talent, the dyslexia. Through it all, it logically makes sense. And through it all I choose to be epoch. For me. For my family. For you. And for the world.

Please enjoy my writing for what it is, and how it speaks to you.

Thank you for your time.

From Grace, Truth, and Love; I write…

We live in a world full of magical things, and yet we miss the beauty under our noses.

For this, I choose to see the things unseen.

We live in a society full of dying people, and yet some flourish.

For this, I choose to not be done;

We live in a country divided by words. Words that tear down instead of lift up.

For this, I choose to write.

I write for a generation that is longing for something unseen.

A generation that is unseen by the past and disregarded for its future.

For all the sleepless nights, that haunted me for not knowing,

I now know that there is something greater going on here.

This place I call home, will never leave me, nor will it forsake me.

Although there are those who try to brainwash me into thinking otherwise.

Don’t listen to the voices outside, listen within.

That’s when your epoch will begin.

Its effect will start out slow and then span across a lifetime and into the starline if you allow it.

Believe. It’s that simple. Just like a child who believes in Santa Clause,

“Open up [your] eyes, and tell [yourself] that you are alive.”

Tell yourself that you are worthy. You are worthy of all the things, that matter.

What matters is seeing others live to the fullest. And through this life your life will exponentially be blessed.

You have been given an epoch. A birthright, that says you were made to make a difference.

In this world. In this time. In this age.

Don’t hate it. Don’t resist it. See beneath the preconceived dilemma and make a change.

I believe in something greater than myself. A God. A Father. A Being that loves me more than life itself. For this I choose to be epoch. I believe that this Being is calling me to be something greater than I am. Something that will withstand the tests of time. Something that the generations will explain, but never refrain from seeing.

I believe that this Being created nature. A mother. A beautiful place, that has forgotten its place in the value of its children. I believe it is my place to create value for my beautiful place to flourish. It’s through this place I will create change.

A little spark is all that will take to set ablaze the nature of this union. I was created to love and to be loved by You.

If you find yourself devoid of love, hope, faith. Turn inside and find the voice within that speaks your epoch. It will ring through all the others. You were made for more than this, and for this, I write.

I choose to be epoch. I choose to make a change. I choose to be I am.

You have been given an epoch. A birthright, that says you were made to make a difference. In this world. In this time. In this age.
choosing to be I am
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