You Can’t Fake Energy: Beyond the Horns and Halo Effect

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we discuss creating an intentional personal presence… This conversation stemmed from a personal quest Austin has been on and includes many personal stories of the team’s experiences in the bodies we’re wearing.

the Epoch Podcast 011: You Can't Fake Energy - Beyond the Horns and Halo Effect | #epochpodcast #yourweeklydoseofmentalforeplay | image, appearance, presence

Topics we get into:

  • What makes up your personal presence?
  • Recognizing what’s really behind all the little details of how you present yourself
  • The “real” you vs the you that you have created
  • Appearance as an ignoble concern, particularly in conservative cultures
  • Disregard for the body as Christians
  • Healthy respect for yourself
  • Appearance used as a tool
  • Pushing your boundaries/testing who you are in different situations
  • Cultural perceptions of appearance and difference between men and women
  • Owning how you present yourself and being authentic
  • You can’t fake energy
  • Judging other people
  • Where we get our perceptions of appearance
  • The horns and halo effect
  • The law of attraction/vibration
  • Absorbing energy from all the stuff we surround ourselves with
  • Body language
  • How to fix resting bitch face
  • Beyond your wardrobe, hair, etc. – aligning with things that bring you joy
  • The vibes you give out
  • Honoring who you are
  • The intentionality of creation
  • How others play into our perception of ourselves
  • A posture trick for increasing confidence
  • Changing the energy we carry in order to change our experience of life
  • The reality of personal space and being influenced by others’ energies
  • Being enough without a mask

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Resource/s Mentioned

Miguel Ruiz – the Four Agreements
Elliot Aronson
Dressing Your Truth
Vanessa Van Edwards – the Science of People
Marie Kondo – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy
Robert Hoge – Own Your Face

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the Epoch Podcast 011: You Can't Fake Energy - Beyond the Horns and Halo Effect | #epochpodcast #yourweeklydoseofmentalforeplay | image, appearance, presence
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