You – the Superpower Within You

This week’s blog is a little different from my usual because ONLY from Grace, Truth, and Love I write…

My superpower is me. I am super. We speak as though we must find the answer outside of us. Yet all this time, it was within. Please do not mistake this for something that it is not. My words fail me, and yet I soar. I speak as though I am unlearned and yet He speaks through me.

The podcast shines a light on one form of me, but my written word is where the power sparks. It sparks a power within me. My spirit surrounds my thoughts, and I am in His throne room, speaking for those whose voices do not carry. Not because they are not super, but because they do not believe they are super.

I was placed on this earth for such a time as this. To share a word with you that is intended to spark something super in you. But the power does not come from my words, the power comes when you believe the words.

I can speak life, but your thoughts can destroy it. I can have faith in a situation for you, but you are the keeper of the outcome of that faith. I hope you see things in the light in which I do.

With great powers comes great responsibility. When you dive into the being that is You, you find the missing pieces of others. There is no greater reasonability than this. To complete Him in yourself and in others.

Completeness is what this age is looking for. This generation cries out of an identity they can relate to. When superheroes are within sight, comparison steals the joy that is in the now.

All we need is to feel the need to become You. The You that moves mountains and silences the seas. They only exist within the garden of our mind. How do we make our garden grow?

It’s so simple a child can achieve it. And then we steal that belief from them with logic, and our garden shrinks. But the You in you expands the sands of time. There is no one like you. There will never be another like you.

What’s in a super? What’s in a power? Something greater than I am? He is the ultimate healer, and yet we pass over Him like the lamb slain in the silence of the night.

All the creators hold their breath waiting for us to figure it out. Even they know our potential and yet we as a people still exist, powerless.

You must surrender to the grave to conquer it. You must let out your last breath to sustain it. You must die to yourself in order to gain it.

You desire something, yet you do not comprehend its impact.

You lack not because of want, but because the wisdom that comes with the ages has not dropped down into your very being. The Being that breathes life into the beast that consequently cures the beast from within.

Leave fear at the door. Leave death in the past. Past through this life with expectancy.

Expect a new song. Different from the rest. One that sings louder, truer than the rest.

superpower poem jen rainey

This life is full. The next one is limitless.

the superpower within you
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