Your Finest Creation

Don’t just think about the person you want to be – create it.

No one can love you better than you. No one can create your storyline but you.

One of my favorite lyrics is from the Lumineers’ song, Cleopatra. “…but I’ve read the script and the costume fit, so I played my part.” The irony of these lyrics is what draws me to them. It’s such a passive way to look at life, and yet so many of us do this. Translation – things fell together for me in life so I coasted…

But there is something to say about intentionally creating the life you want. Marie Kondo is living her best moment through her renowned book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. It was such a hit that Netflix made a show about it, and like millions of Americans, I watched that show. The show is centered around sorting through your personal items and if an item “sparks joy” keep it. If not, donate it or throw it away.

Through this show, I was reminded how much my environment affects me mentally. I am the only one in my office that chooses to have one monitor. That’s right, I told the IT department to keep the second screen because it’s too visually stimulating for me. While others think I’m crazy, I know what hinders me and what propels me forward. Creating a work environment that works for me helps me to stay on task and organizes my thoughts so I can do my best.

Something I picked up from Christina at is the art of minimalism through clothing selection. While I do not practice minimalism through the amount of clothing I own in total, I do practice purchasing only certain colors of clothes. I have been doing this for a little over a year, and it has made a big impact in the way I shop and minimizes decision-making in the morning when I am getting dressed for work.

With fewer color options, choices are easier. I spend less time deciding if I should buy that shirt that matches that one pair of pants. The majority of my clothes coordinate, so I spend half the mind power thinking about what to wear in the mornings and I just get out the door.

It’s a little thing with a big reward.

Another fun fact about me, I am an empath. This means I am highly sensitive to others’ emotions, thoughts, and energies. My emotions, if I am not intentionally paying attention, are affected by others in the room. For example, if you are sad and I’m in the room with you I can become sad, without really knowing why I am sad.

It’s a fun life to live.

But if I didn’t know that about myself, just imagine how I could feel. I could think I had unexplained depression. And for about a year, that is what I thought I had. At the ripe old of age of 32, I went to the emergency room with chest pains. Turned out they were glorified panic attacks. I limped along in life for another year thinking that panic and anxiety attacks were part of my life. But then I remembered who I was and I haven’t had a panic attack since. Sure the feelings arise, but I do a quick scan of who I’m in the room with, and I can quickly figure out who is having a hard time. I get to speak words of life into that person. Being an empath is kinda like my superpower.

Part of being an empath is that my five senses are heightened. Because of this, I am very intentional about my surroundings. Creating intentional environments that help ease over-stimulation and keep me present help me to focus on maintaining my emotions and tapping into the different parts of me.

At the end of the day, quality of life matters. Having a good life or a bad life is up to the beholder. Take life by the horns and master it. You only get one chance, make it the one you are proud to call your own.

From Grace, Truth, and Love I write…

Drop your beliefs from your head to your heart.

Image of the Creator, that’s what you are.

Breaking the cycle and battling for the reigns of your identity.

Get to the part of the story where you are enough.

When you look at me, you see the reality that I’ve created.

I’m reflecting the beliefs I’ve deemed as truth.

I’m done hiding this secret. I’ve dusted off.

My spirit is green from something within.

Holding my hands together,

My body feels mixed with a side of spirit.

Could I forget the place were we first met?

I saw you in the water, and you pulled out all my sins.

My thoughts were still mixed,

Blended with my attempts to make things right.

When my intentions align,

I look like a mad man to others,

But I know where my spirit resides.

I do not look like me, but something other.

Please don’t cringe from the words within,

But rather set your intentions on something

Other than this presence, set in time.

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